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Details You Should Know about Scratchcards

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Scratchcards are a popular game invented back in 1970. It’s quite easy and straightforward, as it has no particular rules. Almost everybody played this game at least once because it’s cheap and easy to get. In the modern world, you even have online scratchcards, which are even better in a certain way.

How the game works in general

The process is absolutely simple and everyone can get acquainted with the game in no time. You just need to get a ticket and scratch off the numbers (you usually do this with a coin) and see what combination you get. If all the lines are the same, you get a huge jackpot. However, you usually get a lower amount of money than you expect.

When it comes to online scratchcards, you just need to find a website where you can play it. All other rules are absolutely the same. You just do everything through the web instead of going somewhere to buy a card.

What are my chances of winning?

Generally speaking, all scratchcards are based on your luck only. At the same time, you should know that an RTP of this game is 90% or more. It means that the biggest part of the money is returned to players in the form of a prize.

Many people claim that winning in online scratchcards is easier and the winnings are usually bigger. This may be connected with the fact that online providers don’t spend extra money on printing these cards, distributing them, and so on.

Are all winnings rigged?

There is no certain number of jackpots when you play scratchcards. Theoretically, everyone can hit a jackpot, but the chances are quite low. Therefore, you shouldn’t get disappointed if the amount you’ve won is less than you expected. Better luck next time, right?

Why are online scratchcards better?

This statement gets more popular every day, as people tend to play online more often. In fact, playing scratchcards through the web indeed has some bonus features. For example, you get free scratchcards that count as real ones. Other websites offer you deposit bonuses and you get more money while spending less.

Age restrictions

You should know that there are certain age restrictions when playing scratchcards:

  • You need to be at least 18 to play.

  • You’ll need to prove your age before you’ll be able to get your winnings.

Final words

Scratchcards actually deserve your attention if you wish to test your luck. It’s an exciting and fun way to spend your time with a small amount of money. At the same time, you should remember how quickly you can get addicted to the game.

Try to spend a certain budget and stop playing the game when you reach its limit. You take a huge risk if you don’t do this, as you may become too addicted without noticing it.