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The Way Casino Bonuses Work in a Nutshell

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All the existing online casinos have been offering so-called casino bonuses. They are a cheeky method of attracting new players. Besides, they’re also used to make long-term players stay committed to a certain website. Even though the principle of casino bonuses is simple, thousands of players are buying it on a daily basis.

Requirements to get bonuses

As a rule, there aren’t strict requirements or anything to get sign-up bonuses. If you’re a new player, you just create an account and you’re in. Everything gets more complicated if you’ve been playing at this online casino for years. In this case, you definitely need to spend a certain amount of money within a specific period in order to get something in return.

However, even if you’re a new player and you get these bonuses, you may need to meet some requirements to get them withdrawn. This method is used to make you stay on a certain website and keep playing there. You surely don’t want to leave the casino you’ve already spent some of your own money in, right?

What bonuses exist nowadays

The number of all possible bonuses is always growing, but here are the most popular ones that are used in all casinos.

A free spin bonus is granted when you just create an account. It works quite simple since you just get spins for nothing. However, the tricky moment is that you can usually spend them only on certain games. Besides, you should deposit your own money in order to withdraw the money you’ve won with these spins.

You get a deposit bonus when you decide to deposit a certain amount of money into your account. The amount of bonus money you get is always different depending on a particular casino. The thing is that you usually have a limit and you can’t get more bonus money than stated.

A loyalty bonus is what you get when you become a committed long-term player. You usually become a VIP member after playing at a certain casino for several months or years. In this case, you also get free money or spins, but you get it for playing long enough.

What do casinos get in return?

Remember that the website gives you these bonuses just to make you stay there. It’s in human nature since you don’t want to leave a place where you spent some money or put your efforts. Besides, the casino will get this money back anyway if you keep playing there again.

In other words, this is a tricky method of attracting your attention and making you play more. Taking into consideration a growing competition among casinos, all of them are trying to offer something new. This also concerns different bonuses and unique features.


If you see an online website offering good casino bonuses, don’t get too emotional. Always remember that they’re trying to buy you. Even if you win something for free, the house will take it back the next time you play.