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How to Start Playing Video Poker

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Video poker is an online version of a famous five-card draw game. You can play it at online casinos or on terminals. The latter resemble slot machines, but there is one big difference to which we’ll get later.

Since its inception, the online version of the game was massively criticized. Today, more players prefer playing poker online, as it requires neither dealer nor other players.

A guide to playing the game

Everything works as in real poker, but you have a machine instead of a dealer. This machine deals you five cards. After that, you have two options to choose from:

  • It’s possible to keep your hand the way it looks after it’s been dealt;

  • You can return some of the cards you consider inappropriate in this particular situation and get the new ones in return.

Then, the machine deals you other cards and this makes up your final hand.

Besides, you deposit your money into the video poker machine itself. Instead of a dealer accepting your bet, it’s necessary to make a bet yourself. Additionally, you have a virtual deck instead of a real one, which works exactly the same way. After winning, you get a payout according to a pay table.

It’s necessary to study the pay table carefully since you should know how much you’re going to earn having this or that combination. The information may also look different depending on a particular casino and its rules.

Understanding the nuances of pay tables

It’s worth taking a look at the pay table before rushing into the game. This is necessary since payouts may look different from game to game. You usually have a choice between the “full pay” and “short pay” version of video poker. The first option is known for extremely high RTP. Its percentage may go up to 99% or even more.

It often happens so that some casinos show an RTP of 100% or more. In this case, you should know that it’s only possible if players make the best decisions possible. This is what we’ve mentioned above since video poker is not only about luck as all slot machines are.

What increases the chance of your winning

These two basic tips will help you become better at the game and increase the chance of winning:

  • Making mathematically right decisions and taking the time is vital;

  • It’s highly advisable to play slots with the highest RTP you can find on the internet.

This will allow you to win more often. Thinking about the way you can improve your current hand is what gives you an advantage over the machine. You should make good decisions, not hasty ones – take your time and think a little bit.

Final words

Before going to play video poker, make sure you know the real-life poker rules. They will help you dramatically, as you would already have some experience. If you’re one of those players who are sure that all machines are rigged, you should stick to offline casinos.