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How Online Casinos Can Limit Your Possible Payouts

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Before you start playing at a particular online casino, you should learn more about payout limits. This is one of the most essential parts of playing casino games, yet it’s often neglected. All casinos provide different payout limits, and they may also vary from game to game. If you are already dreaming about winning a jackpot, reading more about the limits is what you should do.

The way payout limits work

There are two most popular methods of how your payouts can be limited. Let’s call them direct and indirect ways. The first one is when the casino openly claims that it has limits on certain games. Usually, these are the most popular slots, card games, and so on. You immediately see a warning before you even start playing the game.

The second way is when you’re playing a slot and want to place a bet. You always see what the maximum amount of money you can place as a bet. In this case, it’s not that difficult to calculate the amount you’ll be able to withdraw in case of your winning.

What do withdrawal methods have to do with these limits?

You often see that depositing and withdrawal methods look different. For example, the amount of money you can withdraw is always bigger than the amount of money you can deposit. Besides, some casinos charge additional fees when you make a withdrawal. All these features make you pay more in order to make casinos richer.

Additionally, with some deposit methods, a lot of casinos don’t allow you to withdraw money using a different system if you deposited money using another one. In other words, if you made a deposit using a specific wallet, you will have to use it to withdraw your money.

How can you avoid payout limits?

First of all, if you’re a gambler who doesn’t play big, you’re not likely to face these limits at all. Even if you score a huge win, you’ll have to follow these restrictions anyway. The casino system is designed in such a way that the house always gets more money.

If a player hits a jackpot, he/she will not be able to take more than a casino allows. It’s necessary in order to keep their financial planning stable. The casino administration isn’t ready to lose a huge amount of money just because you were luckier than other players.


Knowing about payout limits is vital, as you may face them any time you play your favorite slots or card games. It doesn’t happen too often that you get a big win, but when you do this, you should know what’s going to happen with the money you won.